Thailand is a country with a rich culture and history.
It is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized.
Each part of the country has its own cuisine. Partly because of climate differences as well as location related to sea and rivers amongst other reasons such as history and culture. As well the spoken Thai differs between the regions. The regions being North, Northeast, Central and South.


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, or Krung Thep as the Thais call it, is a melting pot of all kinds of cultures and nationalities.
Amongst which it houses the biggest Chinatown in the world, with around one million Chinese descendants living there.
The Metropolitan Area houses around 11 million people officially, but in everyday life many people being registered in the countryside in fact live in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area as well. How many exactly is unknown.
It is a city with huge contrasts mixing poor and rich, very basic and very modern, often at very close range.
Property in the city center is very expensive and on the contrary in the surrounding countryside still rather low priced. Though the modern housing being built in the other provinces, making up the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, are still very expensive often. Central Thailand is rapidly being built up over the years. For instance the countryside between Bangkok and Pattaya is almost entirely built up now, mostly with factories by the way. Investment in rail and road transport is making pace though the traffic in Bangkok city is very bad during the long rush hours. Getting worse when it rains still even. A distance of lets say 25 km can take easily 1 to 2 hours per direction in normal rush hours by car.