Food & shopping

Thailand and especially Bangkok have a vast amount of shopping malls as well as restaurants.
Many shopping malls have numerous restaurants, a large warehouse, a big modern cinema, a do-it-yourself store, supermarkets, and loads of other retail shops, hairdressers, etcetera. Mostly if you buy something there, you will have no need to pay for parking.
In Bangkok Metropolitan Area each district seems to have at least one of these huge shopping malls.

Among popular types of restaurants in the cities are: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian and others.
For the Asian cuisine in Thailand it is interesting to notice how so many times everything is prepared fresh especially with fish and fruit and vegetables one can notice this. Freshly prepared fruit drinks are a delight, as are the Thai cuisine and beverages as a whole.
Even western style food served in places such as Black Canyon Coffee, my personal fav for lunch, for its iced mocha and American club sandwich.

Webshops are not so common yet as in western countries but do gain popularity. Big Thai companies do invest in them.

Thai restaurants abroad usually seem to be run by authentic Thai chefs.