The Thai inafrstructure and facilities for communications are a bit behind western standard in general but not that much at all.
For a developing nation it is in fact quite good. In my opinion better than the, not so bad road system.
Fast internet in the cities is common and 3G / 4G mobile coverage is vast for the biggest providers.

Thai music is very popular and one will hear not so much western music on the radio there in general.
Thai popular music comes from rock, pop, dance and even jazz and blues, among also Thai country music called luk thung.
I will never forget Thais headbanging to music from The Silly Fools next to a gas station. By the way The Silly Fools indeed have made great music though not only in the hardrock genre, but also in the bluesrock genre for instance. But I must say there are many great Thai artists among which Asanee Wasan and Pongsit Kamphee are a few of my other favorites.
Besides music Thailand also produces a load of TV series, especially soap, which my wife loves to watch online, as well as movies of which some can be watched from Netflix also. But Seesan offers much more TV and movies from Thailand.