Travel & transport


Thailand has an extensive network of Highways which are of good quality, but still dangerous due to the behaviour of drivers and also because of dangerous situations in rural level crossings. Dual carriage ways tend to have no separate lane for traffic that has to turn to another road. Instead one of the two lanes is being used for this which creates dangerous situations when heavy transport find out very late that they must break. In city areas this is usually arranged better and in Bangkok Metropolitan Area there are very few level crossings on the highways. In the BMA there are also numerous U-Turns. Bangkok also has an extensive network of toll-roads.

Transport by rail in Thailand is more adventurous, there are also not so many lines, but there is a lot of talk about building new high speed lines between the bigger cities and Bangkok. Bangkok itself has a growing rail network part of its mass-transit network which exists as Skytrain and or Subway. In Bangkok there are many waterways still and they are also being used for public transport by quite fast boats as well.

Bus transport runs throughout the country and in the cities. There are airco buses and non-airco buses that are cheaper. Then there is the famous Tuk-Tuk, as well as vans, Songthaew (truck bus) and of course there are lots of taxis called taxi-meters.

There is a extensive system of (inter-) national airports with the bigger cities all have frequent flights at least to and from Bangkok, which is the hub with 2 big airports.

When driving in Bangkok we use Tom Tom on mobile phone as a GPS system. It has great benefits with all these traffic jams.


Apart from transport Thailand has many great hotels and resorts in all sorts of classes and types for leisure and business.
And of course Thailand has many great touristic spots throughout the country.